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Book Keeping Outsourcing

For the smaller enterprise or growing entrepreneurial business, organising and operating your finance function can be expensive and time-consuming.

Account on Time financial outsourcing service gives such companies the option to outsource either some or all elements of their finance function, whether this be elementary bookkeeping, payroll, preparation of VAT returns or the production of management accounts and financial statements.

This enables Account on Time’s clients to stop worrying about red tape and concentrate on the key issues of the successful operation and development of their own businesses and their own skills.

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VAT Returns

By allowing Accounts on Time to calculate your vat and submit it by paper or online you take away the worry. We will ensure that the return is accurate and filed on time, we will provide you with the amount due or (refund) so that you can simply make the payment or wait for the credit to hit your bank. We will set up a file and keep tidy, timely and accurate records that can be refereed to if necessary.

Many business owners try to complete their own VAT return this is generally a huge mistake and ends up costing more in time spent making corrections.

HM Revenue and Customs will fine companies for late submission of VAT returns why waste money by outsourcing your VAT to Accounts on Time you will not receive any fines!

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Management Accounts

In order for any business to make timely and accurate business decisions, it needs up-to-date management information. Account on Time assists its clients by providing a comprehensive service, preparing management accounts information. This consists of a profit and Loss report a Balance Sheet and details of Debtors and Creditors plus any other information that you as a client may require.

We strongly suggest that you look at your business results monthly i.e. Gross and Nett profits, don’t be fooled by your “Turnover” avoid being a busy fool!

A positive Balance Sheet and a healthy bank balance is a sign that you are driving the business in the right direction.

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Limited Company Set ups

Whether you choose to receive your limited company formation documents electronically or hard copy, our philosophy is based solidly in the provision of quality and value for money. We believe that all clients deserve top quality service, so unlike most company formation agents, we offer just one level of service – the best! Each company formation is fully compliant and meets all current requirements of The Companies Act 2006. Each limited company package includes everything required to meet present Company Law regulations in respect of statutory paperwork, and we have invested heavily in ensuring our documentation is totally up to date with recent Companies Act amendments.

Before ordering elsewhere, or ordering from a cheaper agent, check to see if they provide completed first minutes, completed statutory registers, share certificates and other official documents. Most importantly, make sure their documentation complies with the new Companies Act, and in particular that they provide bespoke Articles that expand on the model articles written into the Act. Don’t be fooled by those who offer these services but leave you to fill in the blanks! It is a legal requirement to have these documents completed in your records, so please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff prior to ordering.

Limited Company Accounts

The law states that it is a Directors responsibility to produce Statutory Year end accounts to both HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House. If deadlines are not met then penalties and fines will be issued these are expensive and not necessary.

We can produce and submit these accounts for you as a hard copy and submit online to both HM Revenue and Customs using the latest software that is fully compatible.

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Personal Tax Return Service (Self Assessment)

The self-assessment system is complex, with significant penalties and interest charged on any late filing of tax returns or settlement of tax liabilities. Account on Time ensures that you are compliant with the requirements of legislation, as well as being on hand throughout the year to advise you on any tax-related correspondence or specific queries. Therefore, whether you are a business-owner, company director, high-net-worth individual or just unfortunate enough to need to complete a tax return, Account on Time can provide you with a cost-effective solution to your tax needs.

Corporation Tax

Your business will have to pay corporation tax on profits made, we will calculate this for you and file it online along with your Ltd Company Accounts. This can be calculated monthly to help you budget for this in your cash flow forecast.
HM Revenue and Customs require the form CT600 along with a calculation filing to them online, again this will be part of the yearly procedure for your Limited Company. We will ensure that you are using all of your allowances and offsetting all your business expenditure. No business should be paying more tax than necessary!

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